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In Neuroscience, Action Potential is defined as an electrical charge that travels within a cell and facilitates information transfer from our receptors to the brain and back. The firing of the action potential ensures we are able to feel, think, communicate, walk, and do everything else we do. At Action Potential, our goal is to help you fire up your action potential and take your leadership and organization to the next level. 

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We are a team of Industrial-organizational psychologists (I/O) passionate about integrating years of research and theory into the practical world of human growth and development. Our mission is to help leaders and organizations maximize their full potential. 

While each organization is different, its success invariably depends on its people. We assess your talent and provide detailed insight into their competencies, fit, and future potential. We dive deep to understand what drives and motivates them. We focus on helping them figure out WHO THEY ARE and WHO THEY CAN BE.  

Our passion lies in brining science into everyday life and helping leaders understand their strengths and opportunities in a systematic and actionable way. Get in touch to find out how you can fire up your organization's Action Potential!

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